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What are the types of 38mm pp caps?

  • 38mm pp caps generally refers to products that are conducive to transportation in order to protect goods, facilitate storage, and facilitate transportation in the process of commodity circulation. So what do you know about the types of 38mm pp caps? On this issue, let's make a brief introduction.

    When we talk about 38mm pp caps, I believe that many people are more familiar with it. Of course, when it is used, it also plays a very important role. Its type has a very wide range of applications, including almost all daily consumer goods, including fruits, vegetables, processed foods, knitwear, glass ceramics, medical drugs and other daily necessities. Except for the fact that it can be seen in these places. In fact, it can also be used in bicycles, household appliances, beautiful furniture and other aspects. And the design of this type of 38mm pp caps can make it have enough strength, elasticity, and good sealing performance, easy to realize the container unit, easy to store empty boxes; Of course, its box surface is smooth, beautiful printing, obvious signs, easy to convey information; So it is very popular with everyone. The price of the products here is very reasonable, and the quality is guaranteed. If your industry needs it, you can come to see it, and I believe it will make customers satisfied.

    38mm pp caps Its volume and weight are smaller than wooden boxes, which is conducive to saving freight; In fact, when it is used, its resources are less than that of wooden boxes, and its price is naturally lower than that of wooden boxes. After recycling, 38mm pp caps has some other advantages. It also saves resources, for example. Of course, there are also some shortcomings, mainly its insufficient compressive strength and poor waterproof performance, so it is necessary to pay more attention to when using in the future, these two defects will affect the basic function of corrugated boxes - the realization of the protection of commodity functions. 38mm pp caps in use there are some other information is also to understand. For example, it is generally used for small transportation packaging containers, can load a variety of different nature of the items, there is a larger compressive strength, but users should be clear that its box is actually heavier, poor water resistance; The key is that its box board is made of wood and artificial wood board box board, and then nailed together assembly; At this time, it will make its frame box is composed of a certain section of wood strips to form the skeleton of the box, and then according to the need to add wood to cover the outside of the skeleton.

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