Terms of Service

Terms of Service
1. You will abide by the law of land where you are accessing this site and the law of the United States of America where this website is hosted, no illegal activity of any kind will be tolerated and will be immediately reported to the appropriate authorities., The current country of Jurisdiction is India and USA.
1. You will not be offensive, distasteful or disrespectful to any other member of this site and to the owners, moderators or custodians of this site.
2. Such conduct will result in immediate termination of all your account information and data. and future barring.,
3. You will not impersonate anyone, anybody or anything on this web site and network, which you dont have an owner ship of.
4. You may NOT post pornography, offensive, distasteful or objectionable content here.
5. You will abide abide by all copyright laws and digital rights laws, even though the website will not(can not technically) prevent you from doing so it is your sole responsibility that all software, data, information, media you upload or update here is not copyrighted by someone else.
6. All information provided here should be deemed perishable and its longetivity can not be guaranteed. Any loss material or immaterial as a result of loss of data, content and media is not our responsibility, though every effort will be made to preserve to the commercial extent possible and life of this website.
7. Certain sections of the website e.g. D-Tube provide search engine like features for You Tube(registered) and Google News(registered), if any inappropriate(copyrighted or objectionable) content is found please do not ues such content and report to us immediately so that that can be removed and reported back to the original owners.