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tea plucking machine wholesale use method and need to pay atten

  • tea plucking machine wholesale Believe that many people are more familiar with, in many scenes have his figure. Like general municipal, parks, residential areas, family courtyards, etc., these places can use tea plucking machine wholesale to trim and maintain hedges. Compared with manual trimming, it not only improves the work efficiency, but also improves the overall aesthetics to a certain extent, after all, mechanical trimming is more neat. Even if you are very familiar with tea plucking machine wholesale, it is also necessary to standardize the operation at the time of operation, and pay attention to safety matters in the actual use process, which is the most important. It is not to say that you can operate casually if you have mastered it, which is not right. So what are the use methods of tea plucking machine wholesale and the safety matters that need attention? Let's follow Dehua's footsteps and have a look.

    How to use tea plucking machine wholesale

    (1) Before use, be sure to read the instruction manual carefully, understand the performance of the machine and the precautions for use, and use the operation in strict accordance with the operation instructions.

    (2)tea plucking machine wholesale is used to trim fences and green plants. In order to avoid accidents, do not use it for other purposes.

    (3) In the high-speed reciprocating movement, the cutter (blade) installed on the tea plucking machine wholesale, if the operation is wrong, it will be very dangerous. Therefore, tea plucking machine wholesale should not be used when tired or unwell, after taking drugs or drinking alcohol.

    tea plucking machine wholesale Safety precautions

    1. When using tea plucking machine wholesale, you must first ask experienced personnel to guide the use of tea plucking machine wholesale before you can begin the actual operation, which is to avoid accidents when inexperienced operators use it. Because there is no experience, the handling of accidents may not be very correct, so it is necessary for experienced people to guide and supervise.

    2, when the weather is bad (rain, wind, lightning, etc.), it is not allowed to use tea plucking machine wholesale for green plant pruning work.

    3, due to the influence of thick fog and night, try to use in sunny days, during the day, because it is difficult to determine the safety of dark near the job site.

    4. For underage children, tea plucking machine wholesale is not allowed.

    5, rainy days or after rain, the ground is slippery, it is not easy to maintain a stable working posture, so it is prohibited to work in rainy days.

    6, it is forbidden to work when tired, because excessive fatigue will lead to lack of concentration, resulting in accidents.

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