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triode bjt Daily correct operation

  • triode bjt daily correct operation determines later service life

    triode bjt is generally referred to as a resistor in daily life and is a current-limiting element. The resistance value of the triode bjt is fixed, usually two pins, which limits the current through the branch connected to it. In order to help you understand triode bjt, let's talk about its conditions of use.

    triode bjt is suitable for smelting metal chemical industry, mining construction, port terminals, subways and machinery manufacturing all kinds of lifting equipment for electric motor start speed control system without use of resistor, inverter brake resistor, in high-power motor matching a full set of resistors show superior performance. With the development of power system, automatic tracking arc suppression coil damping resistance and harmonic filter resistance are widely used in high voltage distribution. From the perspective of economy and environment, stainless steel resistors have a wide range of application prospects.

    Advantages of frequency resistor: simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance, smooth start. Disadvantages: Inductance exists, cosΦ is low, starting torque is not very large, suitable for winding motor light load start.

    When the crane motor starts to work, the rotor must be connected in series with a resistor to limit the uniform value of the working current to no more than twice the working current rating. JZR and YZR series resistors. It is divided into two types: open type and preventive care type, which can be stacked with each other when installed. When more than four boxes are placed on the metal rack, there should be an 80mm interval between the two adjacent groups of resistors, and the heat insulation plate can be installed in the middle. When the open-type resistor is installed, a barrier should be added to prevent the person who is working on the job from accidentally connecting the resistor live body and grounding screw.

    The conditions of use of triode bjt for everyone here, if you do not understand the above summary, you can pay attention to our website, there is knowledge about triode bjt our triode bjt manufacturers will continue to organize for you, please look forward to it.

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