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arc blade hedge trimmer common problems and solutions

  • arc blade hedge trimmer is mainly used for lawn trimming and beautification of park meadows, green belts, factory meadows, golf courses, home gardens, lawns, orchards, etc. However, there may be many problems and failures in use, so today Dehua summarizes the common problems and solutions of arc blade hedge trimmer for you:

    The mowing is not smooth

    The motor speed is too low; Too much moisture in the grass; The grass is too dense; The blade is not sharp and other factors can cause the mowing of the grass is not smooth. The solution is to check the humidity of the lawn before mowing, and mow the lawn when it is too wet. For density problems, it is only necessary to prune in batches, which can be divided into two or more times, and prune from the top one at a time; In addition, the blade is not sharp, it is easy to solve, only need to sharpen the blade to be sharp.

    Strong vibration

    The blade is bent or worn, out of balance; The crankshaft is bent by impact; The tool coupling is damaged, causing the blade to rotate relative to the crankshaft, resulting in unbalance; Loose fixing screws, etc.; The blade strikes a harder object. These failures only need to determine the cause, you can be solved, but for some of the more zhuanye failures, it is better to contact the manufacturer directly for maintenance.

    Mowing has no power

    Check if the knife is sharp. If it is dull, it needs to be polished. In addition, whether the lawn leaves are long and dense, if so, the amount of grass cutting should be appropriately reduced to reduce the motor load.

    Of course, the common faults of arc blade hedge trimmer are not only these, but also many need to be summarized by users themselves when using. Of course, both the user and the manufacturer supplying arc blade hedge trimmer do not want it to fail during use, that is to say, preventing the occurrence of failure is definitely more important than knowing how to solve the fault. As long as we pay attention to the method when using arc blade hedge trimmer, it can also reduce the probability of failure, then we have a few simple points.

    1. The grass is wet or has just rained, so arc blade hedge trimmer cannot be used for cutting and pruning. It is better to choose sunny days for cutting and pruning.

    2, if the grass is dense, when pushing to slow down, if the grass blocked the blade, to turn off the power first, can not always open, it will damage the motor.

    3, when using, be careful not to hit hard objects, stones, etc. (The correct way is to check whether there is a foreign body before mowing, and clean it up in time), there can be no one next to it.

    4, the electric weeder should be stored in a dry place to avoid rust tools.

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