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Learn these maintenance points, so that your Full Automatic Hyd

  • Full Automatic Hydraulic Machine is a kind of mechanical and electrical integration equipment with high technical content. It is very critical to boot and debug in the right way, which largely determines whether the CNC machine tool can play a normal economic benefits and its own service life.

    The degree of automation of Full Automatic Hydraulic Machine is very high, with the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and high adaptability, but the level of its operating efficiency, the failure rate of the equipment, the length of service life, etc., also depends on the correct use and maintenance of the user to a large extent. A good working environment, good use and maintenance will not only greatly extend the trouble-free working time, improve productivity, but also reduce the wear of mechanical parts, avoid unnecessary mistakes, and greatly reduce the burden on maintenance personnel.

    1. Check before starting the machine: check the peripheral environment of the machine tool, whether the electrical box has abnormal phenomena such as water, and whether the oil has deteriorated.

    2, gradually start: before starting the machine power supply voltage must be detected, must be in the power switch on about 10min stable voltage, in order to open the power switch of the machine, and then open the other power switches in the electric box, check whether the voltage is short of phase and too low, in the absence of abnormal conditions to open the power supply of the machine, and observe whether there is abnormal phenomenon, there is no leakage. Do not perform any action when the power is turned on without alarm, and let the electrical components be energized for 30min.

    3, slow movement: check whether there is interference, use the hand wheel to move the machine throughout, and pay attention to whether there is abnormal phenomenon, and then perform the origin regression step.

    4, machine running-in: long time automatic slow running machine, and rotate the spindle at low speed.

    Full Automatic Hydraulic Machine maintenance points.

    1. Machine tool cleaning: clean the workpiece, fixture, iron chips, etc., and clean the iron chips in the external chip removal machine; Wipe the external sheet metal, clean the air conditioner of the electric control box, and clean the filter of the oil cooler.

    2. Anti-rust treatment: clean the workbench and wipe it with anti-rust oil; The machine runs at a slow speed for one hour to lubricate the rail; Whether the cutting fluid needs to be replaced, the priority is to do a good job of rust prevention, and the cutting fluid is added when the machine begins to need to work.

    3, do a good job of the workshop total power off, gas off, liquid supply: the Full Automatic Hydraulic MachineY shaft run to the middle, Z axis back to zero, turn off the machine tool total electric switch and transformer line switch, air source, etc.

    4, waterproof and moisture-proof: close the electrical box to protect.

    5, the machine tool rat treatment: the machine tool also do rat treatment to prevent rats from biting the wire.

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