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MMOexp: Elden Ring fans are eagerly anticipating the release

  • Elden Ring fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the "Shadow of the Erdtree" expansion, which promises over 10 new bosses designed to challenge even the most skilled Soulslike players. Amidst the excitement for these formidable new foes, attention has unexpectedly shifted to Elden Ring Runes a less celebrated aspect of the game: its avian adversaries.

    If you were to ask Elden Ring enthusiasts about their favorite parts of the game, it's unlikely that "fighting the birds" would top anyone's list. The current feathered enemies, such as the notorious Warhawks in Stormveil Castle and the menacing Monstrous Crows of Caelid, are infamous for their ability to disrupt and frustrate players with their unexpected attacks and tricky maneuvers. While they may not be the strongest enemies in terms of raw power, their talent for causing annoyance is unmatched.

    Now, with the upcoming release of "Shadow of the Erdtree," promotional images shared by Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco reveal a new breed of feathered enemy. These creatures feature impressively long and sharp talons, sparking concern among the community that they will continue the tradition of avian irritation.

    The reaction from the community has been mixed. For those with a deep-seated aversion to Elden Ring's bird enemies, the prospect of facing more of them is met with dread and sarcastic resignation. "Oh great, more birds with talons. Just what I needed," laments one disgruntled player. Another player echoes this sentiment, recalling the relative ease of Elden Ring Runes buy dealing with avian adversaries in other FromSoftware titles like Bloodborne.