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MMOexp: Navigate through the Limgrave poison area efficiently t

  • In the vast and challenging world of Elden Ring, players are always on the lookout for Elden Ring Runes powerful builds that can turn the tide in their favor. One such build that has been gaining popularity is the "One-Shot Dragon Build." In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to create a devastating character capable of obliterating enemies with a single attack. Get ready to harness the power of dragons and dominate the lands of the Tarnished.

    Getting Started:

    The foundation of this build revolves around obtaining the Dragon Communion Incantations and maximizing their potential. Follow the steps below to kickstart your One-Shot Dragon Build.

    1. Early Game Essentials:

    • Choose the Bandit class for efficiency in the early game.

     • Acquire the Stone Sword Keepsake for immediate access to The Fringe F Kiro's Grave.

    • Navigate through the Limgrave poison area efficiently to gather essential items like Poison Bone Darts.

    2. Dragon Communion Seal:

    • Take advantage of the dragon's power early on by defeating a challenging enemy and obtaining the Dragon Communion Seal.

    • This powerful seal boosts Dragon Communion Incantations by 15%, providing a significant damage increase.

    3. Cathedral of Dragon Communion:

    • Progress through Limgrave to reach the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

     • Acquire Dragon Ice, Ail's Flame, and other incantations to Elden Ring Runes for sale diversify your arsenal.

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