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MMOexp: Section of this gym are also light blue


    The character's health is represented by a ball observable in Path of exile currency the corner of the screen. Together with the reduction of points, the ball is systematically emptied until the character has been killed. Section of this gym are also light blue - an energy shield that guards the character is indicated by it.

    Character health points can be increased in several ways by:

    Increasing the personality level - with every degree, the character will benefit 12 wellness points. Exotic skills - some abilities on the capability tree permit you raise the proportion of health issues or to acquire additional points. Increasing the Strength feature - the health level swimming increases by 5. Equipment - a bonus is offered by a lot of items to wellness issues or Power parameter.

    Indirect - since it doesn't affect the amount of health points - a way to improve the nature's endurance is to boost its defensive parameters - i.e. protection, dodging and resistance to specific components. This won't increase the amount of health issues, but you'll lose less with Path of exile currency for sale every received blow.