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New World: What A New Server Launch Means For The Game

  • One of the most closely watched new IP debuts in gaming, especially for the MMORPG subgenre, has been New World, Amazon's flagship massively multiplayer online role-playing game, which was published in September. Unfortunately, New World's launch performance was so dismal compared to its peak of 940,000 gamers that its initial player population fell by more than 95%. Unacceptable in-game economic gaps, subpar endgames, and a general lack of polish in almost every area of the design of the new world are problems that turn people away. In the game, players must have a certain amount of New World Coins.


    Since then, New World has undergone a number of quality-of-life changes and significant content drops aimed at retaining current players and luring new ones back. Amazon Games set out to address the worst faults and problems that were preventing the MMO's expansive open world from being fully appreciated by the remaining ardent players. The combat sandbox of the new world has grown over time to include new weapons like the Void Gauntlet and Blunderbuss as well as new quests, features, expeditions, and bug fixes. The result of all of these updates was the biggest content release of the previous month, known as Brimstone Sands, a vast new area with new enemies, expeditions, Heartstone abilities, and a two-handed greatsword weapon.


    New content breathes new vitality into the New World.

    After some of Brimstone Sands' player base returned, Amazon Games decided to roll out Fresh Start servers across the board. These servers are essentially a method for seasoned players to experience fresh content and fresh personalities. It's not just about brand-new characters either; on Fresh Start servers, players can take advantage of a brand-new economy free of the influence of experienced players who have spent months amassing riches and property for their guild. Existing characters cannot be moved to these new servers, but purchases and account-wide unlocks can still be made.


    The new and enhanced starting experience offered in the Brimstone Sands update is perhaps the largest advantage of joining one of the new servers. The Novice Zone, which corresponds nicely with Fresh Start servers, offers a variety of new systems and material up to level 25 to improve the experience for visitors to the new world. These early locations are full with brand-new quests that test your character in ways that seem to belong there always. While new mission characteristics make add-ons even more interesting, fresh side stuff keeps the pace of earlier levels moving. There are numerous new activities to pass the time and level up, including wave events, riddles, dynamic events, and even track-and-travel challenges. In addition, Monarch's Bluffs and Everfall have undergone a thorough makeover, providing all Fresh Start players with new core locales, adversaries, and challenges.


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