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Microsoft announces a major and useful redesign for Skype

  • There are some applications that, despite the passage of time and the release of supposedly better options, refuse to stop being essential for users. A clear example of what we are saying is Skype, which maintains a large number of users who continue to use it to communicate with other people. Well, Microsoft has decided that it is a good time to offer a redesign of the app. And, from what has been seen, there is good news.

    One of the objectives that the Redmond company has to undertake this work is to make the use of this software much more appropriate and attractive to current times, especially on mobile devices. Thus, the changes are important, and one can speak of a practically new user interface, in which there are new images of the application and, even, emoticons have been added.

    With a much more modern and fresh range of colors, it is possible to maintain continuity with the previous appearance without changing much in the actions of use. This will mean that users do not have to learn anything new to use Skype regularly. And, this, surely makes everything fit like a glove among those who use the service (nothing to do with the latest improvements where unnecessary things were added, for example).

    To begin with, the colors are more striking, but without being strident. In addition, these are located in the places where you have to pay attention in the app, so they are well placed. On the other hand, there are some recognizable elements so that everything is familiar - the clouds or animated emoticons are kept in the applications. There are some changes in the position of elements, which are not particularly important, but which do help make them more accessible. The truth is that this facelift was badly needed by Skype.

    Among the changes, it has also been possible to increase the performance of the applications for iOS and Android. The processes have been debugged so that everything runs much faster, without consuming resources. In addition, Microsoft has indicated that the reliability of the app has been increased, considerably reducing the problems in communications that occurred. Good news too this.

    Some more news
    Among them are the ability to choose the theme to use depending on the call that is received or the chat in which you are (which combines very well with the existing custom backgrounds). In addition, the controls in video calls with several participants have been improved, so that everyone -regardless of their knowledge- can use this Skype option in a simple way. And this is important, since we must not forget that this platform supports up to 100 users at the same time, which makes it ideal even for professional use.

    The improvements are already beginning to be deployed to users, so it will be necessary to update the app to enjoy them.

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