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What types of bets should be avoided in football to prevent los

  • What types of bets should be avoided in football betting to prevent unnecessary losses? This is a question that all bettors must know, especially beginners. Today, online bookmakers offer a wide variety of football betting options with various odds; however, not all bets are easy to win.

    In today's article, we will summarize and highlight for you which types of bets should be avoided, so you can make more informed decisions when placing bets on reputable football betting sites.

    Why are there certain types of bets that should not be placed?

    In sports betting in general, or football betting in particular, there are many types of bets that bookmakers exploit and offer to players. Notably, there are Asian handicap bets, European bets, Over/Under bets, Correct Score bets, etc. Each type of bet has its own way of determining tips win or loss, along with a reward level suitable for the needs of each player.

    So why are there bets that you should not participate in? Is it because of bookmaker fraud, and which types of bets should be avoided? There are certain bets that you should know not to place. The simple answer lies in the level of risk and potential loss they pose to players when deciding to place a bet.

    Accordingly, the characteristics of the bets you should not foolishly invest in if you do not want to lose everything are as follows:

    High rewards attract players with the opportunity to make a fortune in a short time, with a small investment.

    Extremely high risk of failure because there is not much basis for you to predict or analyze them.

    They are not the main or familiar bets to players, such as Handicap, 1x2, Over/Under, etc.

    In reality, these bets are still being offered by bookmakers every day, but not every player knows how to distinguish and avoid them.

    Which types of bets should be avoided?

    First and last goalscorer bets

    The bet on the first and last goal is a type of wager that requires players to predict which player will score the first and last goal against the opposition during the match. If you are not a seasoned expert with extensive experience in online soccer betting, you should steer clear of this type of bet. Predicting who will score the first goal is nearly impossible.

    Moreover, in football, there are always unexpected factors, and many goals have been scored due to defenders' or center-backs' mistakes. At the beginning of the match, teams usually probe each other and score if they get the chance and their players are relatively energetic, so predicting which team will score first can be quite difficult. Furthermore, as the match approaches its final minutes, players often push forward to attack in order to improve the score, so anyone could potentially score. Additionally, there have been cases where a goalkeeper has scored the last goal of the match.

    Therefore, anything can happen, so it's best to bet on the score or the goal difference to have a better chance of winning. This is especially true for beginners who don't have many skills or experience in monitoring the fluctuations among different types of bets to seek "results." They should definitely avoid giving their money away to the bookmakers. Typically, bookmakers apply high rewards to compensate for the risk taken by players who choose this betting method.

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    Throw-in bets

    Throw-ins are actions that occur very frequently in a standard football match. It's difficult for spectators, players, and the refereeing team to predict the exact number of throw-ins that will happen. Therefore, throw-in bets are one of the types of bets you should avoid when participating in football betting.

    First throw-in bet: With this bet, you need to guess which team will get the first throw-in. It already sounds challenging, doesn't it? Since throw-ins are common occurrences, predicting which team will receive the first one is extremely difficult. Therefore, you should not foolishly place your money on this bet if you don't want to lose it unnecessarily.

    Total throw-ins bet: This is a bet on the total number of throw-ins by both teams. With this bet, players need to accurately predict the total number of throw-ins executed by both clubs during the official match time (90 minutes plus added time).

    Some secondary/additional bets

    For each different bookmaker, these groups will have certain differences. Typically, the types of bets that should be avoided include:

    • Goal Scoring Bet

    • Overwhelming Victory Bet

    • Significant Goal Difference Bet

    Recognizing some odds that should not be bet on

    Trap bets

    The odds that players need to avoid are the bait bets set up by bookmakers to trap players into losses. The sign to recognize these types of bets not to be placed is the continuously changing reward level in an increasing direction. In fact, this is not a form of cheating, but simply a trap set by the bookmakers to make players lose bk8 deposit without being able to complain.

    Odds that change too quickly

    Next, you should avoid the bets that often change quickly over a short period of time. The reason is that 'live bets' or 'in-play bets' have rapid changes, and although they are not necessarily bad bets, not every player can make the right choice in such scenarios.

    Bets with a large disparity

    Typically, matches with less disparity in team strength are easier to bet on compared to other matches. Naturally, if possible, you should play in major leagues that are less manipulated and where the betting levels are always fair.

    Bets with unreasonable odds

    Most fraudulent bookmakers today attract players with higher odds compared to the general market. This preys on the player's psychology of wanting to make quick money without realizing that this is the fastest way to failure. Therefore, if you encounter such unreasonable odds, it's best to stay away.

    Bets on less-known leagues

    When looking at the bookmaker's odds board, you will see that besides major leagues like the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, etc., there are many other leagues. Not every league and team in the world is famous, and those participating in these leagues often have very little information available online. You might also spend a lot of time researching their form and team composition.

    Even after much effort, you might still not find any substantial information about them. You might feel like you are going against the majority. Therefore, it's better to spend your time on bigger, easier-to-analyze matches with more information and reliable sources.

    Through this information shared by a reputable football betinum betting site, you surely now understand which types of bets should be avoided, right? Remember to note and avoid these bets when you see them on the bookmaker's betting board when participating in online football betting to protect your betting capital!