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For every Blue gravestone that spawns

  • For every Blue gravestone that spawns Dark And Darker Gold, a message will pop up inside the occasion feed (at the upper proper of the display) letting the lobby realize approximately it so players usually realize a rough wide variety of how many exits are presently on the map.

    Then, once a player finds the Blue headstone, they in reality need to turn it on the use of "F" (or anything their interact input is ready to), watch for the bar to fill, and step into the exit Portal that spawns from it to break out successfully with all their loot.

    Once more, it is a completely easy technique, however that is not taking all of the other bloodthirsty players or deadly NPC enemies into consideration. So, increasing the odds of locating a Blue headstone every sport and knowing exactly the way to find them can make all of the difference.

    As dark and Darker is a sport still deep in development, lots of the info and mechanics, in standard, will likely exchange and now not plenty is 'concretely' regarded approximately all its systems. Still, here's all the general information players have pooled collectively approximately Blue Headstones and escape Portals to this point from the multiple alphas:

    The audio cue for Blue Headstones is a noise like rumbling rocks or an antique stone gate opening. That is the noise of the headstone growing out of the floor. Be aware, but, that three of these noises playing abruptly is a telltale sign of the pink headstone trio spawning, which might be the portal spawners that take groups deeper into the dungeon.

    Go out Portals/Headstones nearly usually spawn in the protection of the circle, and if they ever spawn outdoor of it, they're nonetheless very close by. No person has found out the exact spawn timer for Blue Headstones but Darker Gold, but they start displaying up pretty early.