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The switching process of internal suction arm was introduced

  • The properties of internal suction arm dust included specific resistance, particle size, true density, ladleness, hydrophobicity and hydrorigidity, flammability, explosion, etc. The specific resistance is too large or too small dust should not be used electric dust collector, bag dust collector is not affected by the specific resistance of dust; The concentration and particle size of dust have a significant effect on the rate of electrostatic precipitator, but not on the bag precipitator. When the dust concentration of the gas is good, the pre-dust removal device should be set up before the electric dust collector; The type of bag dust collector, cleaning method and filtering wind speed depend on the nature of dust (particle size, scoop property); Wet dust collector is not suitable for purifying hydrophobic and hydraulic dust: the true density of dust has a significant effect on gravity dust collector, inertia dust collector and cyclone dust collector. For the dust with large new adhesion, it is easy to cause the working face of the dust collector to tie or clog, so it is not suitable to use dry dust removal; When dust purification meets water and can produce combustible or explosive dangerous mixture, wet dust collector can not be used.

    internal suction arm start-up process:

    First, open the air compressor and check the system air leakage, abnormal noise and vibration.

    Second, power the cleaning controller.

    3. Open the pulse system and check that all pulse valves work normally.

    4. Start and check the ash discharge device star discharger and check its operation.

    5. Close the fan damper to prevent motor overload.

    6, start the fan and check the steering, listen to noise or vibration and current.

    7. Open the damper to the designed air volume, which can be verified by measuring the air volume or the current of the fan.

    Eight, check whether the dust collector shell and all air pipes have air leakage, pay attention to the flange connection and access door.

    9. Open the access door of the dust gas chamber to check and any sporadic materials that may be inhaled.

    10. Restart the fan.

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