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Power Level ESO Crafting with this Super Easy Guide - IGMeet ES

  • Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is not as simple as it is in other games. While you certainly need the correct crafting bench, the required materials and sometimes the correct recipe, there are many other things to consider.

    ESO crafting overview

    Crafting is a core part of The Elder Scrolls Online. You can certainly choose to avoid it — but you’ll be missing out on a lot of gold and tons of great gear. It’s also a great way to keep your equipment up to date and recycle unwanted loot.

    In a nutshell, crafting lets you construct new items, deconstruct unwanted gear, and improve the quality of your favorite equipment. Crafting can only be performed at designated crafting stations — typically found in each major city — and what you can craft is heavily based on your skill level. Regardless of whether you’re building or destroying equipment, however, you can rest assured that your crafting level is slowly increasing.

    There are five general professions that allow you to make your own gear, food, potions and so on:

    Provisioning – allows to create food and other supply that helps you to restore health, magicka, stamina and can give temporary bonus to these stats.

    Enchanting – allows to add special effects that make your items cooler.

    Blacksmithing – profession that allows to create and improve heavy armor and weapon using different types of ingots.

    Clothing – allows to create and improve light and medium armor.

    Woodworking – allows to create and improve different staffs and bows using wood.

    Alchemy – allows to create different potions that make you stronger in battle.

    How to quickly level crafting skills in ESO

    If you’re looking to level up your crafting skill lines as fast as you can, you’re not alone. Most players in ESO are trying to power-level their lines to create more powerful — and lucrative gear — that’s only accessible to high-level crafters. While there’s no true shortcut beyond putting in the hours, these two activities tend to be the most popular:

    Daily crafting writs: Not only are crafting writs one of the best ways to improve your skills, but they also give you tangible goals to work toward beyond simply watching your crafting level go up. You’ll need to first get certified — just talk to Danel Telleno or Millineth, who can both be found near most crafting stations — but after that, you’re free to pick these up daily and earn massive amounts of experience and gold.

    Deconstructing gear: As mentioned earlier, deconstructing unwanted gear is an incredible way to quickly level up your crafting skill lines in ESO. Like crafting or refining — which require a variety of specific resources — just about anything you pick up from questing can be instantly deconstructed. Anyone looking to power-level their crafting skills will want to take advantage of this powerful feature.

    Crafting MaterialsMaterials used in crafting can be found in several ways. Resource nodes scattered throughout the world will provide raw materials like ores, plant fibers, logs, alchemy plants and rune stones. You can get other materials from killing enemies or animals in the world or from looting containers you find in dungeons or the overworld. Keep in mind that some containers are owned by NPCs and if you are caught stealing from them you could wind up face to face with a guard.

    Alternatively, you can Buy ESO Gold - Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold Market and most crafting materials from guild traders around the world, though the prices vary from trader to trader and can be rather expensive depending on the rarity and quality of the material.

    Trait materials can be occasionally dropped from resource nodes when you are mining for resources, but more often you will get them when you refine the raw materials at a station.

    Crafting Stations

    Crafting stations are used to actually craft items, and can be found in many locations in Tamriel. All towns and cities have crafting stations for all six professions, and you can even find some while adventuring in the open. You can’t craft items unless you interact with the appropriate crafting station!

    Crafting stations include the anvil or cooking fire or similar — objects you need to interact with to craft items in appropriate professions. Worth noting is that you don’t need to carry crafting materials in your inventory — the materials you have stored in your bank will also be available for use!

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