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Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium Farming Guide - How Do I F

  • Never quite got enough Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium to finalise your build? Well, fortunately for you, we’ve got the solution. It’s an age old solution, but it’s always helpful: farming. We’ve put together a number of different farming methods for this elusive resource below, and will continue to update this guide as we uncover further methods.

    What is Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite?

    In there are many currencies, but Flame Elementium is what you will be dealing with a lot. It is a very common yet valuable crafting and trading Torchlight:Infinite Currency that you need to get some good gear toward the end of the game. Getting it isn’t that difficult, but one mistake and you will always be short on it. To avoid this, you have to opt for Flame Elementium farming methods to always have a good amount.

    How Do I Farm Flame Elementium?

    Okay, so now we’re getting into the meat of this guide and looking at methods to get loads of Flame Elementium with minimal effort. Here are a few different ways to get the currency:

    Fight For It

    Flame Elementium drops in the Netherrealm from tier four, at which point you can start farming for it the old-fashioned way. Also, the higher the Netherrealm tier, the more currency you’ll earn per run.

    So, what you’re going to want to do, is follow a build that maximises your DPS output, allowing you to kill faster, and, therefore, earn Flame Elementium as quickly as possible. Then, you simply want to power through to the more lucrative tiers.

    Also, you’ll want to maximise the number of rare drops that you can get while farming by using trait cards, memory compasses, and any other stat bonuses that effect rarity drops. This will help you maximise your Flame Elementium drop rate.

    Trait Cards and Mapping

    This will be a surprise to you, but mapping and using your trait cards go hand in hand with Flame Elementium. If you get things right and are really lucky, you can earn a good amount of currency in a short time. For this method to work, get a good build in Torchlight Infinite to deal with tier five or other high-tier maps without wasting your time. If you clear more maps in one hour, you will earn more Torchlight Infinite Currency. Below are the trait cards that you should unlock in the first place and add to your trait deck for maximum benefit.

    Magic, rare, or any other doughty card

    Sharp lets you convert rare gear to flame fuel

    Generous as it increases your chances of upgrading the flame fuel that you got from drops

    Although this is optional, try to have some compasses in the bag as they increase the number of gears that you get from each drop, increase the number of rare monsters, increases the number of flame fuel drops, and increase the overall rarity of the drop.

    You should aim for more than one-hundred-percent rarity when rolling the map for quantity value and high rarity. Start fresh in an area on the map and place the three above-mentioned cards on the map to start the fun. To run the map, start with the doughty card.

    Afterward, move to the sharp card and use the generous card in the end. You have to combine the generous card with compasses to increase the rarity and quantity of drops from the map. The main goal is converting all those extra pieces to flame fuel that can then be converted to flame Elementium.

    Although this method works on tier five and above maps, you should use this on tier seven or tier eight maps because of their high quantity and rarity. The second method is to go for the path of the brave tier to earn flame Elementium. Same as above, opt for high tiers to get loot and raw flame Elementium.

    Selling your items

    The next thing that you'll want to do to make Flame Elementium is to start working with the Auction House. It is definitely possible to find items in the early and mid end game that can sell for a pretty penny. Luckily the game has an in game price checking system once you unlock the auction house at level 60.

    Any Legendary that has a high level requirement and item level are worth looking at the price of. Rare gear that has higher tier affixes, or rare affixes that also are at higher requirement / item level may be worth something to someone.

    Another thing that you can sell are some of the rarer Embers that you find, specifically Ominous Ember and Restless Embers. You may come across a few over your time playing so if you're not planning on attempting at meta crafting, selling these off can be worthwhile.

    That concludes the guide! Even though the game has only been in open beta for a few weeks, players have already discovered some of the most effective strategies for maintaining their monetary gains. Although more could be added in the future as the developers add additional systems with each new season, these techniques ought to be quite time-safe. If Torchlight Infinite players spend all their time on farming Flame Elementium, Flame Sand, Energy Core or other currencies, the time to enjoy the real game pleasure will be greatly compressed. In order to change this bad situation, the most suitable way to get enough Torchlight Infinite Currency is to buy them directly at IGMeet, lots of Torchlight:Infinite Currency For Sale there