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Diablo 4: Complete Beginner Guide - How to Make Gold Fast 2023

  • There are multiple different currencies and resources you'll need to stock up on as you play through Diablo 4, but by far, the most important one is Gold. Gold is used frequently for almost everything, ranging from repairing and upgrading your gear to brewing elixir consumables, crafting gems, and extracting powerful Legendary Aspects. Because of this, it's important to get as much Gold as you can so that you've always got funds for upgrades and other gear tweaks. We've put together this guide that goes over all the best ways to get lots of Diablo 4 Gold For Sale quickly. This includes information about the best Gold farm in the game right now, as well as several other tips and strategies you can take advantage of to make some serious bank.

    Side dungeons

    In classic series fashion, dungeons are a surefire way to get gold fast in Diablo 4. Ideally, you’ll want to complete the dungeon by defeating the final boss and killing most, if not all, mobs. In the Diablo 4 beta -soon to go live with the server slam – there are 23 different dungeons, giving you plenty of opportunities to hoover up gold. A single dungeon can easily net you thousands

    Selling Crude Gems

    A large part of Diablo 4 that many players enjoy is honing their builds to become the most powerful and eventually increase the tier of their world to challenge themselves against harder foes. One of the ways this is done is by selecting gear with the best stats and then improving them further by using gems.

    Players are likely to find plenty of gems during their adventures some of which are of Crude quality which won't be as useful when players start to progress in levels. These spare Crude Gems may not sell for a lot of gold but selling them doesn't only make a couple of coins, but also frees up the inventory and chest space.

    Region Progress Rewards

    Open up the map, hover over a region of Sanctuary, and tap the W key on your keyboard to bring up Region Progress. Here, you’ll get a breakdown of all the side dungeons, side quests, strongholds, Waypoints, Altars of Lilith, and so on you’ve ticked off, condensed into what are called Renown points.

    At certain Renown point milestones, you’ll tick off achievements that grant hefty rewards, including gold, tens of thousands of the stuff in some cases. Remember to check your progress regularly and claim the rewards. For an even bigger haul of gold (60,000 and 150,000 gold, for example), switch to a higher World Tier such as Veteran or Nightmare. As an added benefit, high World Tiers boost monster gold drops by 15%.

    Make the most of Greed shrines

    This method can’t be used on a regular basis, but it’s a nice way to get some gold while it lasts. The Greed Shrine, one of many shrines you'll find on your travels, provides you with a buff that makes your enemies drop some gold when you defeat them.

    Speed means everything in this case, so make the most of a Greed Shrine boost and do what you can to slaughter as many monsters as you can find. If you have a specific set of armour for Gold Find boosts, whack those on.

    Spend your renown points!

    The Renown system is a new feature that allows you to earn Renown Points by doing things like completing side quests, discovering new areas, and exploring dungeons. Accumulating a certain amount of these points nets you the following rewards:

    x80 Renown Points – EXP, 10,000 Gold, Skill Point

    x180 Renown Points – EXP, 10,000 Gold, Potion Charge

    x300 Renown Points – EXP, 10,000 Gold, Skill Point

    x500 Renown Points – EXP, 10,000 Gold, Skill Point

    x800 Renown Points – EXP, 10,000 Gold, Paragon Points

    Killing Enemies

    The most obvious way to make gold in Diablo 4 is simply by going out into the open areas of Sanctuary and killing everything the player can see. Many enemies will drop gold for the player to pick up and used to purchase all sorts of items and resources from merchants.

    However, there is an issue with this method; the money dropped by enemies is never a lot as it ranges from as lover as a couple of coins to some enemies dropping around fifty gold. Making money this way can be incredibly time-consuming unless players are met by large hordes of enemies.

    Complete QuestsThe first and most obvious way to earn gold in Diablo 4 is by completing the game’s quests. By doing this, you will accumulate gold as well as experience points that can be used to level up your character. It is worth noting that some quests reward you with more gold than others, so it’ is worth it to’s highly recommended that you prioritize tasks which offer a higher payout.

    Take part in world events

    World events are pretty common appearances in the D4. Many of these events feature unique enemies and higher-quality chests for players. This always means better loot and higher payloads.

    Since you always get to play these world events with other players, you can even AFK farm them and get the rewards, although the other players might not like that.

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