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As A Pokemon Go Beginners You Need Those Tips to Play Pokemon G

  • Playing Pokemon Go is a fun and exciting experience that takes you out into the real world to catch Pokemon and battle with other players. Here are the basics of how to play Pokemon Go:

    Download and install the app: Pokemon Go is a free app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play Store.

    Create your Pokémon GO Accounts : You can sign in using your Google or Facebook account, or create a new Pokemon Trainer Club account.

    Customize your character: You can choose your gender, hairstyle, clothing, and accessories to create your own unique avatar.

    Start catching Pokemon: The game uses your phone's GPS to place Pokemon in the real world. When you see a Pokemon on your screen, tap it to enter the catch screen. Swipe the Poke Ball to throw it at the Pokemon and try to hit it. If you catch it, it will be added to your collection.

    Visit PokeStops: PokeStops are real-world locations where you can collect items like Poke Balls, potions, and berries. When you're close to a PokeStop, tap it on your screen to spin the photo disc and collect your items.

    Battle at Gyms: Gyms are locations where you can battle with other players' Pokemon. Once you've reached level 5, you can choose to join one of three teams: Team Mystic (blue), Team Valor (red), or Team Instinct (yellow). You can then battle other teams to take control of a gym.

    Evolve and power up your Pokemon: You can evolve your Pokemon by collecting enough candies and using them to evolve your Pokemon. You can also power up your Pokemon by using Stardust and candy.

    Level up your Trainer: You can level up your Trainer by catching Pokemon, battling at Gyms, and completing other in-game activities. As you level up, you'll unlock new items and features.

    Connect with other players: Pokemon Go is a social game, so connect with other players to share tips and tricks, trade Pokemon, and battle together.

    Be safe: Always be aware of your surroundings when playing Pokemon Go. Don't play while driving or crossing the street, and be careful when playing in unfamiliar areas.

    Overall, Pokemon Go is a fun and engaging game that encourages players to explore their surroundings and connect with others. Have fun and catch 'em all! Having a good Pokemon go account is important for beginners, if you want a good account, our webiste IGV has huge Pokemon GO Accounts For Sale cheap and fast delivery