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We're considering and discussing wow

  •  We're considering and discussing with the community about, definitely. Listening, absolutely. Things like this happen buy WoTLK Gold. We want class mounts that feel comfortable, so If people have feedback regarding their mounts, they're sending us feedback through the appropriate channels--through forums, through other avenues--we're listening. There's nothing new to announce in terms of new features at this time. The class mounts just came out, but "We are listening," I guess is the key message.

    And naturally, the question is always: as soon the patch is released, when will we start to hear about the next one? Do you expect that 7.3 will follow sort of similar patterns, in regards to the time gap between the recent 7.1 as well as 7.2 patches?

    Like I said earlier that the time when it feels right is when those patches emerge. The one thing I do be aware of is 7.3 is currently being worked on. We know what Argus appears like, and that's the direction we'll be the next time. When 7.2.5 is released, PTRs will start rolling out with 7.3 builds. As for releases are scheduled, there's not much is available at this time. It's still way off, but it is on the World of Warcraft .

    For this patch, I believe the most important thing to be available from day one beyond class modifications in the event that your class has any changes, is that Chromie scenario. I'd suggest, along with whatever else you're currently running, such as your usual quests, mythic classes, quests in the world or whatever else you're doing--I would encourage checking that out buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, even if it's not something that grabs your interest. It's an evolution to a game that we played using in Legion by using Wizard Army Training, and it was something we learned a number in lessons. We're extremely interested to see how people respond to this new version.