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Blizzard Is Undergoing An Indie Exodus wow

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    Blizzard Is Undergoing An Indie Exodus Right Now-Report

    Chris Metzen. Mike Morhaime. Jeff Kaplan. Blizzard has seen a number of big name-departures from the studio over the past few years, and as a new report on the critically acclaimed studio provides, a lot of the people who quit Blizzard are going indie.

    IGN recently spoke with a number of sources from both sides of Blizzard to produce a new report that describes the world-renowned developer as an enterprise at an intersection. Particularly interesting is how many former Blizzard designers are either forming or joining new indie game studios.

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    Helping to spark that change is no other than the former Blizzard chief executive Mike Morhaime, who retired from Blizzard in 2019 following more than two years. In the year 2020. Morhaime founded Dreamhaven an online video game business with the intention of creating "agile studios to focus on their niche and make their ideas come to life," while "providing support as well as resources over the long time." Three studios for development are currently under the Dreamhaven banner: Moonshot Games WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, Secret Door, and Lightforge Games. The three studios have attracted a lot of previous Blizzard talent.