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The course of working with World of Warcraft


    I think it's something that we've always wanted to try in the course of working with World of Warcraft , and finally buy WoTLK Gold, now we've put our heads down and are extremely happy with the way we've managed to of offer this higher quality experience for the players.

    Update 7.1.5 is a microcosmos of what our philosophy: by introducing micro-holidays, we show silly things that we can do, or even time-walking which pay homage to things players cherish fondly. Even micro-holidays bringing the attention of AQ. love that WoW has been able to provide an abundance of content over the years, and we're going to continue in that same vein of providing games for players that are exciting and new. very excited about.

    Do you feel like you'll be able to maintain with this type of speed of very extensive content?

    So far. [laughs]

    So far. The team here has expanded steadily over the past few years and it's the result of simply doing the right thing. We've learned how to build WoW over the past 12 years. Some work on WoW here for fifteen and 16 years. This means that we've become more adept at working on patches simultaneously and of combining large patches with small patches. In contrast, 7.1.5 did not require so long to build to expand or larger patch. So cheap WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, in the end, it's been extensible but not with any rigor on our end.