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BE AMAZED OF THE BEAUTY OF THIS EARTH THROUGH THIS FRANCISCAN ORIGINAL SONG. PLEASE RE SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF GOD'S CREATION. "This Earth is a paradise so delightful to behold. How can we be so unkind to this planet where we live. This God's gift to humanity, let not ruin make it way". .#originalfranciscanmusic #careformotherearth #franciscancommunications #JPIC THIS BEAUTIFUL EARTH (Lyric Video) Interpreted by: Ms. Dianne Dela Fuente Composed by: Fr. Felix Jungco, Jr., OFM Produced by: Franciscan Dream Productions/ St. Anthony Shrine, Sampaloc, Manila Executive Producer: Fr. Cielito R. Almazan, OFM As the world wakes up in the morning, And the sun smiles with its warmth, The birds spread their wings, As they soar the vast blue skies. The flowers give off their scents; Fragrance fills the air. Ref: Oh, this earth is a paradise So delightful to behold. How can we be so unkind to this planet where we live? This God’s gift to humanity Let not ruin make its way. As the waters in the rivers flow Into the roaring rapids. All the trees sway and dance With the rhythm of the blowing wind. As the rains drench the ground, The whole creation breathes with life. (Ref.) All the mountains and the hills are crowned And covered with vegetation. And a thousand creatures dwell, Running and creeping everywhere. The ocean and the deep blue seas Are teeming with a million species. (Ref.) Coda: Let us love this universe. It’s the only one we’ve got. Let the future generations enjoy this gift of love. It’s the living witness of the power of God’s grace.
Posted February 15, 2022
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