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Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights LIVE! (Horizon Cam)

Posted by Manish Rajput
Welcome to Finlands first ever live Aurora Borealis youtube channel! Running since 2017. You can watch the majestic Northern Lights from the comfort of your sofa. Located near Kaamanen in Lapland, Finland. If you would like to come here and stand under the aurora with us in person, like Chris did in the thumbnail picture, check out our tours: Clear skies, Tony. FAQ's !location This camera is based at 69°N latitude in the northern part of Lapland, Finland. !time The time is displayed on the bottom right of the screen in 24 hour format. !when (does the aurora show up) The aurora does not show up at the same time every day. It varies, depending on the solar wind characteristics. But usually it is between 9pm and midnight (but can occur outside of these times). !where (is the aurora) The aurora does not come at a set time, it is different every day. It is dependent on the solar wind conditions and the local weather conditions. If you don't see it, please check back later.
Posted February 1, 2021
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