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Tower of Fantasy: Best Samir Matrix Builds

  • Samir, the current "DPS Meta Queen" in Tower of Dreams, is a Volt-type SSR illusion capable of unleashing long-range damage at a very high rate of fire. Although she needs to be paired with a dedicated shield-breaker like KING, or even your starting SR character Echo-player if you're free. Let's take a closer look at Samir and her gear. You can also purchase the Tower of Fantasy Tanium in-game for equipping weapons.


    Main data

    Element: Volt

    Resonance: DPS

    Base Crush: 6

    Base Charge: 10.7

    Base Attack: 18

    Base Health: 1165

    Base crit: 14


    At Wanderer level 20, you unlock the ability to collect and equip weapons with "matrices" or chips that further enhance their base stats. Every SR and SSR weapon has a set of weapon chips specific to that weapon, but you can equip any chip you find into a slot, and those chips can be upgraded just like the weapon itself.


    The best Samir weapon chips/matrixes are:


    Samir (two-piece set): After hitting the enemy, the damage increases by 1% each time, stacking up to 10/13/16/20 times, and the stacking lasts for 1.5s.

    Claudia (Two Pieces): When hitting a target or launching an airstrike while in the air, damage is increased by 13/17/20/23%. Double jump resets when hitting a target in midair.


    Most characters benefit from having at least some weapon matrix in their signature set, although with Samir you can also equip two pieces of Claudia's set, as it pairs nicely with the fact that Samir can be involved in a lot of air .


    You can also aim for just the four-piece Samir set, which offers the following benefits:


    Samir (4-piece set): Increases the damage of electric explosions that deal EM Star, and increases the attack power by 16/22/30/40%.


    Samir's progress

    Progression is related to how you pull character dungeons from the Gacha system, and each dungeon advances your existing dungeons. Suffice to say, targeting the maximum level of progress will cost you a lot of time or money.


    These are Samir's progress:


    One star: After a heavy hit, an electric explosion is triggered on the target, causing additional damage equal to 30% of the attack power to the target and nearby enemies. Cooldown: 0.2 seconds.

    Two Stars: Increase the base attack growth of the current weapon by 16%.

    Samsung: 40% increased critical strike chance against charged targets. Electric Blast increases the duration of electrified effects by 0.5 seconds, up to a maximum of 5 seconds.

    Four Stars: Increase the base attack growth of the current weapon by 32%.

    Five Stars: Doubles the duration of the electric field and pulls the target to the center of the attack.

    Six Stars: Triggering Electron Explosion reduces skill cooldown by 1 second.


    That's all you need to know about the best Samir builds. For more fantasy towers, check out our blog