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Final Fantasy XIV: How To Get The Fantastic Lanna Whistle

  • The Magic Lanna Whistle is an item used to summon the Magic Lanna mount in Final Fantasy XIV. This brand new mount was just added in patch 6.2. There are 3 ways to obtain summon items. The process of player selection depends on their skill, luck and the size of their wallet. Players can also prepare enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil in the game.


    Adventurers need to complete the Shadowbringer MSQ before obtaining the Magical Lanna Sentinel. Afterwards, the quest "Walking with Aliabo" must be completed. This side quest can be found in Idyllshire and obtained from Painfully Ishgardian Man (X: 7.0, Y: 5.9). This will unlock the Faux Hollows mini-game, allowing adventurers to challenge Unreal Trials and earn Faux Leaves.


    For adventurers who don't want to complete Unreal Trials, there are two more options. The Fantastic Lanna Whistle can be purchased with a Gold Commendation Certificate. These can be obtained by completing the log given by Khloe Aliapoh (X:5.7, Y:6.0) in Idyllshire. Each week, the adventurer can fill out her book by completing a series of activities, such as Trials and Raids in FFXIV. Randomly, parts of the journal will be flagged with the goal of completing a line. The more lines crossed, the better the reward. The Gold Certificate can only be earned by completing three lines. It takes a lot of luck as this is rare.


    Unlike Heavensward's Lanner Whistle, Wondrous Lanner Whistle can be purchased from the Market Board. This is the last way for adventurers to get the items they need. However, the Wonderrous Lanner Whistle sells for millions of gills. Depending on the server, adventurers may require a larger amount for an event. While it's a high investment, the Wondrous Lanner might be worth it for anyone looking to add this majestic bird to their collection of mounts in FFXIV.


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