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Diablo Immortal: How to beat Skagen and the best build to beat

  • In Diablo Immortal, players are tasked with helping to save innocents from many evil abominations and entities while becoming stronger and finding out their hidden past. So fighting and defeating Skagen will bring players the closest thing to their character's purpose and destiny. This guide will show players how to defeat Skagen in Diablo Immortal, and list the best builds to defeat Skagen. Players who want to upgrade their gear faster in the game to defeat Skagen can buy enough Diablo Immortal Platinum.


    How to Beat Skagen

    Once the player starts fighting the skarn, the fight may seem fairly simple; however, this feeling is short-lived after the boss starts shooting demonic fireballs. Dodging from left to right or right to left and staying close enough to the Skarn will allow players to defeat them with ease. The boss will then summon some worm-like creatures that fire small fireballs from a distance, but they're not hard to shoot down due to their low health.


    The next type of attack Skarn is most likely to perform is his linear laser beam, which spins his body in whatever direction the player is running to ensure they take a lot of damage. The trick here is to spin clockwise or counter-clockwise, and once the decision to spin is made, the player must stick with it.


    If the player tries to switch from clockwise to counterclockwise or vice versa, the player will take a lot of damage and even die from the long hit of this deadly attack. Once Skagen completes his beam attack, he will cycle back to his basic fireball attack, then a demonic fireball that is much larger than his basic fireball attack, and then back to his beam. Learning and remembering this pattern is one of the first key steps in defeating Skagen.


    Best Build to Beat Skagen

    Although each character has an overall best size, defeating Skagen may require changing some skills for each class. This depends in part on any legendary gear with a specific skill attribute.


    Barbarian: Lacerate, Cleave, Whirlwind, Undying Rage, and Wrath of the Berserker

    Wizard: Magic Missile, Ray of Frost, Disintegrate, Meteor, and Slow Time

    Demon Hunter: Explosive Arrow, Rain of Vengeance, Sentry, Impale, and Vengeance

    Monk: Fists of Thunder, Seven-Sided Strike, Exploding Palm, Wave of Light, and Mystic Allies

    Crusader: Punish, Falling Sword, Consecration, Judgment, and Shield Charge

    Necromancer: Soulfire, Command Skeletons, Skeletal Mage, Bone Spirits, and Command Golem


    This is the strategy of how to defeat Skagen in Diablo Immortal and the best build to defeat Skagen. For more game consultation and strategy about Diablo Immortal, we will update it on, welcome to pay attention!