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Destiny 2's Energy Orbs Shouldn't be forgotten in Lightfall

  • Energy orbs are a key component of the cooperative gameplay in Destiny 2, and they have the ability to greatly improve each player's experience. When other Guardians use their special abilities, energy orbs are produced that fireteams or anybody nearby can pick up. Orbs of Power should continue to be the main focus of Fireteam's introduction into the Lightfall expansion because of how they help players in Destiny 2. There is enough Destiny 2 Silver available for players to buy.


    Orbs of Power is a co-op game mechanic designed to encourage gamers to join fireteams and reward their cooperation, even though they are and have been in single-player play as well. This collaborative element is a huge part of the experience, and Destiny 2's energy orbs play a vital role in facilitating this kind of teamwork, adding a sizable chunk to a player's supercharge meter. Players use their Super to spawn energy orbs based on the kills they get during flash attacks, and no weapons spawn them, which is the primary way of doing this. Alternatively, Orbs can also be obtained from specific mod settings, allowing players to use their superpowers more often, which can be a game-changer in high-stakes situations.


    Energy Orbs promote teamwork and provide a massive damage boost

    One of the main reasons Orbs of Power shouldn't be forgotten in Lightfall is how they encourage teamwork and cooperation among players. Playing solo in Destiny 2 is a very different experience, and it's difficult for team members to coordinate and work together effectively. Orbs of Power offers players a way to contribute to the success of a fireteam, even if they are not directly involved in the action. If enough Fireteam members generate energy orbs, it allows players to chain Supers back-to-back for maximum damage--though it's equally game-breaking.


    Destiny 2 Energy Orbs are usually spawned by Supers, but can also be spawned by inserting specific mods into the player's helmet armor. These mods allow players to generate smaller balls of energy that produce less super energy but can be used to power buildings around "Filled with Light". These helmet mods grant small energy orbs based on quick kills from Destiny 2 kinetic and energy weapons that match the player subclass or mod element. If the player's Orb spawns aren't enough, certain Exotic armor pieces can provide additional Orb spawns, such as the Hunter's Blight Ranger helmet, which when used with the appropriate Super, spawns nearly 15 full-sized energy orbs.


    Bungie should continue to iterate energy balls as a mechanic

    In a co-op game like Destiny 2, superpowers and class abilities are often the difference between victory and defeat, so the ability to recharge them faster is invaluable. Power Orbs boost the Super Ability Charge meter more than other actions like kills or timing, making them an important resource for players to collect in the PvE space. If Bungie ignores Orbs of Power in Lightfall, players could miss out on a game mechanic that is so important right now and put them at a disadvantage in combat, especially if they have to rely on Charged with Light mods or helmet mods. Here's hoping Bungie doubles down on Orbs of Power, their use cases, and methods of spawning them.


    In conclusion, the energy orbs from Destiny 2 are a crucial gameplay element that shouldn't be neglected in Lightfall or any upcoming expansions. Energy orbs can be overused to the disadvantage of the experience, but in their current form, they are a little too uncommon to equal, for instance, the immense utility and power of elemental wells. Ultimately, it might not have been a bad choice for Destiny 2 to surround energy orbs with more exotic components. At, you may get further Destiny 2 instructions.