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Temtem Update 1.2.1 Adds Battle Chat and More

  • Players can now talk in the majority of fight types thanks to a patch that Temtem published, version 1.2.1. Meanwhile, the patch has included a number of quality-of-life changes that users have long demanded. Players of Temtem may also hear some new audio adjustments, UI enhancements, and practical rarity indicators on numerous goods. In the game, players can purchase sufficient Temtem Money.


    Temtem, a creature-collecting MMORPG from Crema, was widely anticipated before it entered early access last year and sold more than 500,000 downloads in its first month on Steam. Temtem, which is frequently seen as a more sophisticated take on the original Pokemon idea, provides slightly more intricate mechanics and features that appeal to gamers who grew up playing Pokemon but are now searching for something a little more in-depth. Despite having a ton of single-player content, it ultimately ends up being an MMORPG where users compete against one another on the basis of their teams. This type of game naturally depends on ongoing assistance from its creators to address bugs and enhance features after launch.


    The most recent Temtem update offers some pleasant updates while only modestly improving the content. The biggest change is the ability to communicate while fighting, however the chat window is by default hidden. Friendly matches and PVE will allow conversation, but ranking matches, in-game competitions, and Dojo wars will not. This is most likely done to avoid toxic behavior from damaging more competitive modes. Pressing the corresponding hotkey will open the conversation window, much like with the fight log. Each island now features brand-new musical variants in the form of antagonistic combat tunes.


    Another modification that Temtem gamers frequently ask for is an adjustment to the game's idle camera. Camera movement has been decreased to a third of its previous pace to help prevent motion sickness. Additionally, the idle camera won't start for 12 seconds rather than the previous 5 seconds, which should be much less unpleasant. The creators remarked that they preferred to attempt and improve the camera system first so that it could continue to bring some diversity to the game rather than turning off idle cameras at the request of users.


    As Crema continues to address crashes and other issues on the console, Temtem players should also notice fewer performance issues on the Nintendo Switch version. As expected, the patch includes dozens of other minor bug fixes and balance tweaks.


    Full patch notes for Temtem Update 1.2.1:


    important reminder

    Due to data conflicts, we had to remove all Showdown codes except for eSports codes. Your team is not affected, you just need to generate a new code, and if you use or publish it somewhere, replace it with the new code.

    Aqua Bullet Hell has been accidentally removed from your Umishi and Ukama, but you will have an empty tech slot and ABH will be among your learned techs so you can relearn it right away. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you!


    New things

    We've added chat during battles.

    From now on you will see a new menu in battle with details, battle log and a new icon for chat using the assigned hotkey.

    The chat will be hidden by default, you can bring it up by pressing the associated hotkey, just like how the battle log works. In-battle chat is disabled for ranked matches, in-game tournaments, and Dojo wars, but can be used for friendly matches and PvE.

    We've added new musical variations to each island, this time for the competitive battle theme.

    The Egg Tech icon now appears in the Egg Tech Tech in the Tem details in Showdown.

    We've implemented a new icon that will notify you if something is available to claim at an event.



    We have adjusted the idle combat camera based on feedback provided by the community:

    To reduce motion sickness for some players, we've slowed down all camera movements to 1/3 of their original movement speed.

    They will also start after 12 seconds of inactivity, rather than the previous threshold of 5 seconds. This will make them less common.

    In the specific case of Koish fishing, we removed most of the camera angles so that only the Koish-focused camera appears. We've also developed some new cameras specifically for this event, making it easier to identify patterns and colors.

    We know idle cameras are causing problems for some of our players. Before we disable them, which means we stop taking feedback and iterating on the feature, we want to try out these changes to improve major issues with the camera. We believe idle cameras add variety and richness to the game, so we'd rather polish them to everyone's satisfaction than disable them without giving them a chance to do well.


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