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Overwatch 2 Bug Makes Pharah Use Her Ultimate Faster

  • In Overwatch 2, a bug caused Pharah's ultimate ability to develop significantly more quickly than it was supposed to. Overwatch 2 has a sizable cast that can fill a wide range of roles, but balance must be maintained by a number of highly significant counters. One such retaliation, Eagle Eagle's ability to fly amid battles and rain, makes certain powerful team combinations react. Therefore, it makes sense that the bug impacting Pharah Definitive Edition in Overwatch 2 should have the potential to have a significant negative effect. In the game, players can gather enough Overwatch 2 coins.


    Here is the present operation of Pharah's ultimate, first. In Overwatch 2, each character passively produces a little quantity of energy and gradually accumulates energy for their ultimate abilities through inflicting damage. Pharah needs to inflict over 2,100 damage on her opponents in order to completely fill her ultimate bar, excluding trickle. Her rockets provide 120 damage on direct hits, hence the ultimate would require at least 18 (17.5, to be precise) missiles. Given the power of Pharah's rocket barrage, suffice it to say that this takes some time.


    In a test run by Overwatch 2 player and meta analyst KarQ, Pharah developed her ultimate power much more quickly than was predicted for the current build of the game. In a new KarQ video, he can be seen using Eagle Eagle rocket fire to teach a dummy. However, it only does 1,600 damage, rather than 2,100 damage, to her ultimate bar. With each rocket having a 120 damage potential, just 14 direct hits are required to finish building Ultimate, which represents a decrease of more than 1/5 the amount of shots.


    It's important to note that most players don't reach 14 or 18 consecutively. However, it turns out that even building up ultimate power through area-of-effect damage happens considerably more quickly with bugs than without them. This implies that there will be more Pharah Ultimate overall, and the character is extremely powerful if Blizzard has adjusted Pharah Ultimate's time based on relative strength.


    It's unknown how such a sizable problem made it through testing and into Overwatch 2. Whether it made a difference is the key question. But only Blizzard knows if Pharah took home more victories. She most likely isn't since players with ranged immediate hits, like McCree, Ashe, etc., can easily defeat Pharah.


    It's even possible that Blizzard made this adjustment on purpose and it slipped by unnoticed. Pharah isn't currently in the meta, it must be said. She's entertaining and in no way weak, but other characters deal more damage consistently, have more reliable ultimates, and are just as resilient. Even though Ultimates is more faster, the Sojourn meta seemed to pay little attention to Pharah. Players who want more Overwatch 2 character guides can subscribe to