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There Might Be a Banana Hiding in Your Overwatch 2 Character

  • Some Overwatch 2 characters can be found in the game with a banana hidden inside of them. The process of creating video games is frequently lengthy and difficult, and creators frequently add fun—but not always meaningful—features. Since the creation of the Titanfall IP, a developer has apparently been concealing bananas in the game's development textures. Enough Overwatch 2 coins are available for purchase by players.


    Following Elon Musk's recent acquisition of Twitter, many people now view the platform as being on its last legs and are turning to alternatives like Mastodon, Hive, and others. Following Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, some users urged other users to confess one thing or another, while one thread urged game developers to confess their "sins of game developers." Bryan Bedford, a developer, admitted to hiding bananas in the textures of each model he created.


    According to his Twitter profile, Bedford is currently a senior character artist for Overwatch 2. His tweet specifically pointed out and emphasized that he "hid a banana in the texture of every model [he] worked on. Every one. One. One." When asked if this applies to Overwatch 2 , he just responded with the wink emoji and the banana emoji.


    Bedford elaborated on this in a tweet that was referenced, noting that the practice began while he was working on one of the Titanfall IPs (without specifying which) and that one studio executive detested bananas to the hilt. He insisted that he had bananas for breakfast and would eat them outdoors because it was not permitted to consume them inside the studio. Then, it appears that he never ceased hiding them in the game.


    Fans are less likely to find the bananas because of how the texture has been altered. Additionally, it's unclear how many characters Bedford hasn't worked on in some ways are bananaized. Even so, the knowledge that a banana might be concealed in some Overwatch 2 characters' graphics is undoubtedly fascinating. The history implies, of course, that Overwatch 2 may not be the only game with a secret banana location, and who knows what else the makers may have concealed in other video games. Please subscribe to for more information about Overwatch 2.