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Tower of Fantasy: How to Make Fried Chicken

  • Cooking in the Dream Tower is a way to both complete various quests and restore some lost HP and satiety. Some recipes work better than others. Fried chicken is one of those great recipes and it's so easy to make. You can quickly regain decent health and get some satiety with fried chicken. This guide will show you how to make fried chicken, and you can prepare enough Tower of Fantasy Tanium in-game.


    Fried Chicken Recipe

    Fried chicken is an excellent dish to keep in your back pocket. This meal will help you restore 12% + 3,300 HP as it also restores 7 satiety. As an uncommon recipe in Tower of Dreams, fried chicken can be a great help if you need a quick pick-me-up after a fight. But how do you do it?


    Just add the following ingredients to the pot:


    x2 poultry meat

    x1 Japonica


    However, this is after you have unlocked the recipe. If you don't know how to make fried chicken in Tower of Fantasy, then you must first unlock it by adding different amounts of ingredients. You can quickly unlock this recipe if you add about 15 poultry meat to the pot instead of 2.


    How to Get the Fried Chicken Recipe

    If you don't have a recipe for fried chicken, here's how you can easily get it. First, interact with any cooking robot; select Create from the options below. In the creation, add the right amount of both ingredients until you get an 80% to 100% success rate. After that, cook and you will get the fried chicken recipe.


    How to Gather Fried Chicken Ingredients

    It's not hard to get the ingredients for a recipe. First, you need poultry meat, which you can only get by hunting birds and looting their drops. The best way to hunt birds is with a bow. Whenever you spot a bird, tap to attack and your character will automatically fire a shot at the bird. You can find birds almost everywhere on the map, so getting poultry should be easy. Finally, you'll want homi grains, a common ingredient. In the open meadows of Astra and Banges, you will easily find many homi grains; they grow from the ground like wheat, so you can easily spot them.


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