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Tower of Fantasy: How to Make Steamed Crabs

  • There's always something in the Tower of Fantasy to help restore your HP and satiety. Many dishes will do the job. Rare foods like steamed crab excel at it. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to make Steamed Crab in Tower of Fantasy Tanium and how to unlock the recipe so you can prepare enough Tower of Fantasy Tanium in-game.


    Steamed Crab Recipe in Tower of Fantasy

    As a rare recipe, steamed crab gives back a lot once eaten. You will gain 10 fullness and restore 15% +20,000 health. After some hard work, the usefulness of this dish is undeniable. So you'll want to keep these ingredients in stock so you can make them when you need them.


    Here are the two ingredients needed for the Dream Tower Steamed Crab:


    x2 Potney

    x2 lettuce


    For the Steamed Crab recipe unlock in Tower of Dreams, you first need to add more Portunids to the pot. When it comes to the creation of the cooking, the goal is to add about 15 or so Portunids to bring the proportions of the dish from 80% to 100%. This will allow you to unlock it so you can add fewer ingredients in the future.


    How to Get the Steamed Crab Recipe

    If you don't have a steamed crab recipe, you can easily get it from any cooking robot. Interact with the cooking robot and select the Create tab. Put plenty of portunids and lettuce in the label until you get an 80% to 100% success rate. After that, cook and the robot will give you the recipe for steamed crab.


    How to Collect Steamed Crab Ingredients

    Steamed crab is great food, but getting its ingredients is a bit challenging. To get portunids, you need to go to the coast, but not just any coast; there are some specific ones in Astra, Banges, and Crown Mines. Once you're on these shores, you'll see little crab-like creatures crawling; these are portunids. You need to attack and kill them to loot the meat from the inside. After that, to get lettuce, you need to look at Astra's Meadows. Since the grass is also green, it can be difficult to spot lettuce, so make sure you have a keen eye.


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