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PoE Chaos Recipe Guide - Essential Vendor Recipes in Path of Ex

  • Chaos Orbs is a golden Path of Exile Currency item that’s found in Path of Exile. It has a unique look, resembling three faces spliced into one. If you’ve played PoE for a while, you’ve probably accumulated quite a few of them.

    Why do you need Chaos orbs in the Path of Exile?

    Chaos orb is currency, which is useful in trades between players and crafting. You can re-roll modifiers on rare equipment using Chaos orb. Because modifiers are random, sometimes it becomes hard to get the modifiers you need. Players often start to “chaos spam” — using Chaos orbs on their gear hoping for luck.

    PoE Chaos Recipe

    With the Path of Exile chaos vendor recipes, you can get 1 to 3 Chaos Orbs, which is an uncommon currency item. From vendors, they are obtained by following full rare set vendor recipes with the following levels of the lowest-level item:

    • for 1 Chaos Orb a level of 60 to 74
    • for 2 Chaos Orbs, a level of 60 to 74, which are all unidentified or all are of 20% quality
    • for 3 Chaos Orbs a level of 60 to 74, which are all unidentified and of 20% quality

    The required combination of items that can be sold in return for the orb(s) is: a 2-Handed Weapon or a 1-Handed Weapon and a Shield, Head, Gloves, Boots, Chest, Belt, Amulet, and two Rings.

    If you don't know how too see item level in poe simple hold the alt key and move your curser over it it will show item level.

    If you don't have items to craft chaos orbs you can buy them from us, follow the link below.

    Vendor Recipes

    There’s only one vendor recipe that gives you Chaos Orbs. You have to collect a full set of rare equipment and sell that. That means you need all kinds of armor types (helmet, chest piece, boots, gloves, belt, amulet, and ring). Then you need either a two-handed weapon, two one-handed ones, a one-handed weapon with a shield, or two shields.

    You get different PoE currency depending on the level of the items you’re selling. For Chaos Orbs, the set needs to be at level 60-74. Also, the vendor gives you more orbs depending on some criteria. If the set is all unidentified or all have 20% quality, you get two PoE orbs. For a set that’s both unidentified and 20% quality, the best you can get is three.

    POE Chaos Orb Recipe:

    Path of exile traders give us 1-3 chaos orbs when we bring them the right items. It is always a whole set of rare items, which looks like this:

    Two-handed weapon or two one-handed weapons


    Chest armor





    Two rings

    All items should have at least level 60. There is no limit to the top. An item must not be higher than level 74. If we hand over a complete set of items with level 75-100, we get exalted orb instead of chaos orb. How high the item level is we see with pressed alt key and the mouse pointer on the item.

    - We get 1 chaos orb for a set of identified items.

    - We get 2 chaos orbs for a set of identified items with 20% quality.

    - We get 2 chaos orbs for a set of unidentified items.

    - We get 3 chaos orb s for a set of unidentified items with 20% quality.

    Most players will now have the same problem as me. You only get items that are far above level 74. I solve the problem by collecting in a big chest all needed items from level 75 sorted. the screenshot below shows two-handed weapon in the first row, chest armor in the second row, etc. as soon as this bag is full, which does not take very long, I collect items with item-level 60-74 for a few minutes. Rings, amulets and belts are best because they do not consume much space in the inventory. For this also reaches a small chest. Items with this item level are farmed either in low-level maps, or at a corresponding depth level in the azurite mine. i prefer the mine, because it is very fast there. With this method I grow a lot of chaos orbs very quickly and very easily.

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