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Escape from tarkov roubles one paracord

  • Bunker airtight door – To get entry t o this factor, you need to activate a lever southwest of the helicopter. Then, you’ll have four mins to extract. If you don’t, you’ll want to reactivate it.Cliff descent – You can most effective use this factor in case you’re a PMC and when you have Escape from tarkov roubles one paracord, one crimson revolt ice select, and no armor vest prepared.

    D-2 – This exit is simplest available for PMCs, and you may get entry to it via activating the lever inside the underground bunker. By activating it, you’re enabling the spawning of Scav Raiders.


    This is an vital location for shipping. It’s what connects the port and the harbor with the industrial part of Tarkov. The center of the map is a big shopping center. You can locate all of the extraction points in this map below:

    Emercom checkpoint – This factor is to be had for everybody and doesn’t require specific moves or objects.

    Power station – You can simplest get admission to this extraction factor in case you’re a PMC. Plus, you need to pay three,000 Roubles to use it. It’s well worth mentioning the most wide variety of gamers that can use this point is 4.

    Saferoom Exfil – This point is best to be had for PMCs. To get right of entry to it, you want to show on the power inside the electricity station, flush the rest room in Burger Spot, and use the Object 11SR Keycard.This is business parkland close to the manufacturing facility. Here, you’ll find the customs terminal, storage centers, offices, dorms, etc. The Customs map is one of the most famous maps in EFT, and it has severa extraction factors. Most of them don’t require any special actions or gadgets.

    Here’s a overview of the extraction factors inside the Customs map:

    Crossroads – This factor is continually to be had for all gamers.

    Administration gate, manufacturing unit a ways corner, factory shacks, Military base CP, Old street gate, passage among rocks, railroad to army base, railroad to Tarkov, railroad to port, Scav checkpoint, sniper roadblock, trailer park people’ shack, Warehouse 17, warehouse four – All of those extraction factors are most effective available for Scavs and don’t require any special actions or items.

    It’s a complicated under the center of Tarkov. According to official facts, the middle doesn’t exist. Players mark this map as complicated, and every extraction point requires a certain action. Here’s the listing of extraction points in this map:

    Cargo elevator – This extraction point is usually to be had, and you may get right of entry to it if you restore energy to the elevator inside the G phase. Keep in mind the shipment elevator can simplest be used once at some stage in a raid.Parking gate – This is the second one extraction point of the map that isn’t constantly available. You can get admission to EFT Roubles for sale it through beginning the gate within the Y segment.Run for Your Life in Escape From Tarkov.