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  • Open Source ERP for SMEs Now Popular Computers Articles | May 8 Cheap MLB Jerseys , 2011

    Open Source is the perfect solution for the SMEs who cannot afford the commercial ERP solutions. Open Source ERP offers many benefits over the commercial ERP and provides a lot of functionality.

    There are many benefits of implementing the Enterprise Resource Planning system in an organization. It helps to streamline the flow of data between the various departments in the organization and increase the profitability. ERP software covers all the business requirements and improves the efficiency. The major problem is that ERP implementation is expensive and requires a hefty investment. It also involves high risks in the process. Therefore ERP solutions were mainly used by large organizations who could afford the investment. Now the recent trend is of Open Source ERP for SMEs. This is an alternative for the Small and Medium Enterprises for implementing Enterprise Resource Planning system. Open Source is the perfect solution for the SMEs who cannot afford the traditional ERP solutions. Open Source ERP offers many benefits over the traditional ERP and provides a lot of functionality. It is easy to implement and requires less time for implementation.

    The various reasons as to why Open Source ERP for SMEs is getting popular are as follows:

    1. Cost: It costs less as it does not need the payment of the hefty license fees. It can be downloaded from the internet and does not require major investment. This makes it approachable by the small and medium enterprises. The software can be downloaded, installed and used for free.?

    2. Easy: Open source ERP for SMEs is easy to understand and learn. It is very well documented gives an insight as to what ERP system do and how they do it.

    3. Implementation time: It is easy to implement and takes lesser time to implement than the traditional ERP for large organizations.?

    4. Lower Dependence: The source code of the software is also available therefore any modifications and alterations are easy to make by any programmer. One does not have to depend on the vendor for making the modifications required. It can be done without having to depend on the vendor for every small problem. This thereby reduces the chances of clashes with the vendor also.

    ERP was being used by the larger companies earlier and now Open Source ERP for SMEs is gaining popularity. There is considerable advantage in using the Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning due to cost and other advantages. This concept aids in reducing the technicalities by providing need based solutions. It allows the company to install some of the functions as needed which are required. One can select the applications needed on a daily basis. In the traditional approach, one has to install all the functions whether required or not. It does not offer the choice like in Open Source for SMEs. The bigger organizations have to store the extra process and idle functions Cheap Jerseys From China , these limitations are not in the open source. Thus it has made the operations easier for the small and medium enterprises. This concept has been successful and there have been very less failures.?

    Now it is possible for the SMEs to go in for ERPs at an earlier stage. Some of the Open Source software available in the market is ERP5, Compiere, Fisterra Cheap Jerseys China , etc.

    So much attention is spent on the front-end of channels-- determining whether to build, buy or partner, channel selection and recruitment. In our years of channel management Cheap Jerseys , the success of channels has depended just as much on the back-end--supporting the channels correctly. Too often, the channel had to fend for themselves. There was no channel program, the channel did not receive help in sales and marketing or expensive channel sales representatives wrote sales training Wholesale MLB Baseball Jerseys , developed collateral and tried to solve support problems, rather than working with their channel partners to build business and close deals.

    Enter the channel lifecycle, a model on which channel programs are based. The model identifies the key leverage points to touch partners Wholesale Baseball Jerseys , support their efforts and speed their time to success. While at HP, we had the challenge of having many partners, but few provided the kind of revenue we needed. The lifecycle allowed us to determine where to take action to speed partners to revenues.

    The Lifecycle follows a channel partner through the entire relationship with a company Wholesale Throwback MLB Jerseys , from recruiting and introduction to the value proposition of being a partner to business agreements to preparation for launch to growth and management. A channel program must be carefully constructed to support each step of the lifecycle. A channel does not happen by chance. Each step of the way, a carefully selected set of actions must take place to speed the channels to success.

    Recruitment: Once a company selects a channel strategy, you will need to develop a set of rigorous criteria for the type of partner you want to recruit. You need to ensure that the prospective companies will be a good match for your company and business model and vice-versa. Key questions can include: ?What is the value proposition you are offering and is that important to them? Can you clearly define an upside opportunity for both sides? Is there a reasonable level of investment each side is prepared to make? What does the partner expect from you in terms of revenue stream Wholesale Custom MLB Jerseys , profit margin, demand creation, creation of a market??

    Business Terms and Processes: As you create business terms Wholesale Authentic MLB Jerseys , think of how you will implement them. How will you measure sell-through? How will you evaluate the relationship? Likewise, think through each step of the sales process and develop processes to support the channel. How will product training be provided, how will launches of new products be communica. Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes   Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes   Wholesale Nike Shoes   Wholesale Kids Nike Shoes   Wholesale Nike Shoes   Wholesale Nike Shoes China   Cheap Air Max 270 Womens   Cheap Air Max 97 Online   Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium   Cheap Air Max 270 Shoes