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Madden NFL 23 can be similar to a union or a charitable

  • It's been reported it appears that Madden NFL 23 has been granted tax-exempt status because of its status as an "trade organisation" -- teams actually get the money it generates but must return to the league dues. The teams are responsible for paying taxes however the league does not Mut 23 coins. However, the notion the idea that Madden NFL 23 can be similar to a union or a charitable organization is absolutely absurd. While non-profits may claim that most expenses are legitimate, Madden NFL 23 nonetheless had a revenue of nearly $9 million as of 2012. The league earned nearly $327 million in total revenues , and also paid commissioner Roger Goodell $44 million.

    It's not just an Madden NFL 23 issue. The NCAA which claims to be an official status as a non-profit organization due to its efforts to assist students athletes have claimed $871.6 million in 2012 and has been using record amounts of lobbying money to prevent these athletes from receiving any of the money. Even foot races with very few participants with huge amounts of money, including extravagant excursions and pay organizers lavishly the NCAA claims that they are non-profit.

    It's about time to remove the façade.

    Tax-exempt status should only be granted to organizations with objectives that go beyond making an income, especially those which are trying to assist people in their endeavors. Even without mentioning the recent events, Madden NFL 23 has proved that it's only focused on earning a profit in addition to benefitting its players. USA Today pointed out:

    "If there's any reason to exempting businesses, it's that it's to be the public purpose of aiding commerce to everyone who falls across the spectrum of one type of business or all around," declared (Philip) Hackney buy madden nfl 23 coins, the LSU law professor who had previously been an IRS attorney, tax lawyer who handled exempt-organization tax issues. "