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Tim Morton and Tim Campbell Tim wow

  • Tim Morton and Tim Campbell Tim Campbell buy WoTLK Gold, two developers with vast knowledge of games such as Starcraft as well as World of Warcraft, formed Frost Giant in 2020 with as their goal to create the next fantastic RTS that has the majority of the talent in the studio, around 80% , as per IGN comes from Blizzard. Kevin Dong, former lead co-op designer of Starcraft 2. told IGN that the main reason behind having large proportion of former Blizzard employees is the need for developers who have RTS prior experience.

    "It is true that Blizzard has one of the largest concentrations of employees that work in the United States, so it is logical that we'd have a greater number of former employees," Dong said.

    Many of these former devs are still in close relationWarcraft and Blizzard. Metzen continues to provide voice work as a the former Horde Warchief, Thrall, as an example, and many still praise Blizzard. As IGN reports in its report, many of the ex-Blizzard employees who decided to go independent were reluctant to damage their relationship with their former employers.

    However, that doesn't mean that Blizzard's departures from the company have gone without notice. Reports about Blizzard's changing culture, dissatisfaction with pay, and layoffs have all helped sketch a picture of the company that's probably not as appealing a place for employees to work as it was once. Even if this isn't entirely factual, it has created a narrative that may actually make it even easier for Blizzard talent to find a new job According to a source reported by IGN.

    "I would like to think that a lot of the factors which made it harder to poach Blizzard players stopped," the source stated. "So it's now very easy to poach, and a lot of the seniors can simply bring people along. Because no matter what the actual circumstances are there is a belief in the story. And when the narrative reads telling the story of a place that's falling downhill WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, it's easy to convince people of taking it off."