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That may yet prove to be the case with FIFA 23

  • Finally, it is worth noting that Ones to Watch players do not receive upgrades based on other promo cards. In other words, if Tyler Adams gets some sort of wild 90+ card in April in the new promotion called Factsmashers or something else it is, his OTW is not upgraded in line with the promo FIFA 23 coins. (Sorry Tyler. If it helps you feel better, you're the pre-orders of everyone's OTW packs.)

    The unusual transfer market behaviors meant that it was usually practical and economical to bring in good promo players to one's team, even within a few days of them releasing. That may yet prove to be the case with FIFA 23, but for right now, the top Ones to Watch players are going to cost you an enormous price. As they've received no improvements at all so it's difficult to recommend spending any coins for them.

    On the less expensive end of the spectrum, Nico Schlotterbeck from Borussia Dortmund is averaging around 14k coins and is just 4k more than the value of his discard. He's a decent starting centre-back, however he does not possess the desirable 'Lengthy' running type, and despite Dortmund's inconsistent form, it's easy to envision his locking in this Wins to Watch upgrade in the coming weeks.

    Despite the recent mishaps on the field, Juventus still have a quite good team and could be very enjoyable to play for FIFA 23.

    After 10 years of dominance, Juventus supporters are now at a bit of dilemma, with the club being unable to compete in recent seasons
    buy FUT 23 coins. This isn't to say they don't still have plenty of talent among their ranks, however, with the likes of Chiesa, Pogba, and Vlahovi? all providing plenty of reasons for players to opt for Juventus in FIFA 23.