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Progression bonuses that were added LOSTARK

  • Fever Time is a simple occasion Buy Lost Ark Gold, as it involves collecting rewards once per Saturday, and it is only limited to one participant on your roster. The rewards are slightly differing this time around. This weekend, between July 23rd, and 24th, payouts will:

    Saturday 23rd July

    3 Battle Items Chest x1 and Honing Shard Selection Chest x3

    Sunday, July 24,

    Honing Support Selection Chest x1 and Guard Stone Selection Pouch x6

    In the coming week, during the July weekend's final weekend, the rewards will change to:

    Saturday on July 30th

    Three Battle Items Chest with 1 item and Honing Leapstone Choice Chest II x 2

    Sunday on July 31st

    Honing Support Selection Chest x1 and Destruction Stone Selection Pouch x3

    Progression bonuses that were added in the July update remain in effect and include Punika Powerpass. Punika Powerpass, by which it is possible to level any character immediately up to item level 1302 using a single usage of this pass. In addition, there are Hyper Express events. So, anyone with an item level 1302or higher (including those who are insta-leveled on your roster) has access to an array of challenges that will help them progress up to level 1370 for their item. The event also includes Abyssal Challenge Dungeons best place to buy Lost Ark Gold, which gives winners items like honed supplies.