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Path of Exile Guide: Path of Exile Skill Tree Layout

  • In Path of Exile, every new player who opens the passive tree for the first time has no clue where to add points or what to do with it. This game's feature is so complicated that even more experienced players are struggling to find the right paths through the passive ability builds. We have been there, and luckily now we understand how it works. Read our guide to the passive tree in Path of Exile and learn how to add points to increase the power of your character.

    Path of Exile Skill Tree Layout

    The passive tree is divided into three equal parts. They surround the central circle. They are called a blue or north part, a red or southwest, and a green or southeast. The blue sector is called a magic one where such skills as intelligence, elemental damage, energy shield, wand damage can be increased. Blue germs provide everything related to magic.

    The red sector is needed to enhance skills normally spotted on red germs and related to melee combat. The list of skills includes strength, physical damage, armor.

    The green sector consists of passives that affect dexterity, evasion, ranged projectile damage, etc. If the player is located between sectors, they may get hybrid passive skills.

    Every character begins the game at the border of the inner circle of the passive tree but at a different place. Depending on the preference for the method of combat, characters start their game at appropriate for the method place. For example, having a preference for magic, a Witch starts in the center of the blue sector.

    Paying some extra skill points, characters can get into various sectors without any limits on equipment they can obtain. But it is worth noting that the quests will provide germs of the natural preference of the type of character as a reward.

    For example, a Witch will always receive magic gems despite which sector she will use.

    Basics of Skill Tree in Path of Exile

    Let's guide you about little in more depth about the PoE skill tree. There are three main stats in Path of Exile:

    • Intelligence
    • Dexterity
    • Strength

    Each of these stats contributes to your character directly or indirectly because each piece of gear and skill has set requirements; for instance, one skill or gem may require 96 Intelligence, while the other requires 92 intelligence.

    Each stat directly affects your character in such ways; in the case of intelligence, you plus one to mana for every two points, while for every five intelligence, you get plus 1% to your energy shield. The following attribute provides accuracy and evasion, while strength provides life and mainly physical damage. To start with a headstart, you need sufficient Path of Exile Currency , which is difficult to get early in the game; therefore, come to us for max currency saving.

    How to Rest Skill Tree in PoE

    Unfortunately, Path of Exile does not fully allow players to reset their skill tree. The best advice for the new players is that if you are at 20 or 25 level and unhappy with your currently acquired skill so you should start the new game.

    There is little chance that developers may offer players to rest their skills completely when the new season is launched. But still, the best way is to make choices after some research.

    There is only one instance where you can completely reset your Passive Skill Tree. If Grinding Gear Games drastically alters the skill tree between seasons, the studio may offer a complete, free reset for players. But this isn’t exactly a reliable occurrence. If you’re desperate for a more powerful build, the best advice is to simply start over, or go to for professional help. You also can Buy PoE Currency at IGV