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Sacred Relic Sword is the best option available in Elden Ring

  • In Elden Ring, the Sacred Relic Sword is a massive sword that is used as a boss weapon toward the very end of the game. If you were forced to choose a greatsword that scales with your Dexterity and Faith character attributes, the Sacred Relic Sword is the best option available to you in Elden Ring for the aforementioned category of weapons.

    In order to properly wield the greatsword, the user must have a Strength score of 15, a Faith score of 22, and a Dexterity score of 24. If you are running a high-quality build or have a decent amount of points invested across all of the major character attributes, meeting these requirements should not be too difficult for you if Sacred Relic Sword is an end game item for your character.

    You will receive scaling in E-strength, D-Dexterity, and Faith when you acquire the Sacred Relic Sword. The weapon itself comes with these scalings already in place. Even though the weapon has a higher requirement for dexterity, if you level up your Faith scaling, you will do more damage from the weapon's Ashes of War. However, due to the fact that this is a boss weapon, you will need Somber Smithing Stones in order to upgrade it from Blacksmith.


    The overall scaling gets better once you max out the weapon at +10 you, and the Sacred Relic Sword gets D-scaling on Strength, C-scaling on Faith, and B-scaling on Dexterity, which indicates that it is a decent dex weapon in Elden Ring once you have maxed out the weapon at +10 you.


    1. It is impossible to roll for another weapon art with the Sacred Relic Sword, nor can it be enchanted by magic or any of the various incantations that are available

    2. The Ashes of War is the only weapon art that can be learned with this sword

    3. The Wave of Gold is a special Ashes of War ability that can only be used with the Sacred Relic Sword

    4. When used, it basically imbues the sword with a long-lost golden glory spell and then fires it in front of an attack that sweeps a wide area and travels a considerable distance

    The fact that it defends against a very extensive and varied assortment of area-of-effect attacks makes the fifty FP cost an acceptable one to pay. Ashes of War does not scale its damage according to the player's Dexterity or Strength ratings; rather, it scales according to their Faith rating.

    Aside from that, players have the option to increase the damage done by Ashes of War by consuming Holy Shrouding Cracked Tear, which will do so for three minutes and boost the overall damage by twenty percent. The damage can even be increased further by donning the Sacred Scorpion Charm and employing the Golden Vow incantation of weapon art. Both of these actions fall under the category of "weapon arts."

    The only way to acquire this weapon is to first prevail over the Elden Beast, which serves as the final boss in the Elden Ring. After the boss has been vanquished, take the Elden Remembrance to Enia in the Roundtable Hold. There, you can exchange it for either the Sacred Relic Sword or Marika's Hammer. In Elden Ring, that is the only way to obtain this incredible weapon that is based on the Faith build.

    Aside from that, the Sacred Relic Sword became popular among Elden Ring runes for sale players due to the insane number of rune farming players who made it possible after using this weapon. This is the main reason for the popularity of the Sacred Relic Sword. Obtaining the weapon from Enia, traveling to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road site of grace, and then using the Sacred Relic Sword's Ashes of War on Albinaurics to kill them in a single shot are all that are required to complete this task. As a result of this, you will receive close to 500,000 runes each hour.

    Ghiza's Wheel is the best weapon in  Elden Ring items for sale for the melee build category if you have to choose one because it causes a lot of blood loss, deals a lot of damage, and consumes a lot of FP. If you have to choose just one weapon from this category, make it Ghiza's Wheel.

    In order for you to properly wield Ghiza's Wheel in Elden Ring, you will need to have a character attribute score of at least 28 for Strength and at least 18 for Dexterity. This is because the weapon is a colossal one in the game. Additionally, the weapon has a 70 bleed passive effect, which causes a much greater amount of blood loss than the majority of other bleed weapons in the game.

    The Ghiza's Wheel is an excellent weapon that can be used for a wide variety of offensive maneuvers, including but not limited to stomping on foes and breaking their posture with jumping attacks. However, this colossal weapon in where to make cheap Elden RIng items comes equipped by default with the Ashes of War Spinning Wheel, so that is the reason for this.

    Because this weapon art is only available on the Ghiza's Wheel, players will not be able to alter it or add any enhancements to it through the use of magic or incantation spells while they are playing the game.

    You will need Somber Smithing Stones in order to upgrade the Ghiza's Wheel, and the weapon can only be upgraded to a maximum level of +10 if it was crafted by a Blacksmith. If you decide to upgrade this weapon to its maximum level, the scaling on both Dexterity and Strength will improve, moving from D-scaling to C-scaling. This will cause the overall damage to be twice as high as it was before.

    If you have a reasonably full FP bar, using the Ghiza's Wheel, which is a very good melee weapon, will allow you to do so more effectively. If you want to get the most out of using the Ghiza's Wheel, you should have at least a character attribute level of 25-30 Mind. This is because the most fun part of using the wheel is holding down the weapon art button and letting it spin freely. Players have the ability to walk around while spinning the wheel, dealing a significant amount of damage to foes that get too close.

    The Ghiza's Wheel can only be acquired by players once they have traveled to the Volcano Manor location in the buy Elden Ring runes zone. After you have arrived at your destination, you will find the dining hall located on the upper floor of the Volcano Manor.

    If you make it to the very end of this corridor, the red phantom invader sequence will begin, and Inquisitor Ghiza will attempt to kill you while wielding this enormous weapon. If you are successful in eliminating this aggressor, the Ghiza's Wheel will be presented to you as a reward weapon.

    If you are using a build that focuses on ranged combat, you should have no trouble vanquishing the invader. Inquisitor Ghiza inflicts only melee damage, but it results in a significant amount of blood loss. Consequently, if you are using an intelligence build in your game or have a few lightning incantations with you, then you should eliminate this invader by dealing ranged damage to them. In the event that you have not yet arrived at the Volcano Manor, you will find an image of the location provided here for your convenience.