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How to be a true earthite?

  • So we have defined what an earthite is, what is the responsibility and benefits of being an earthite?

    Earthite is neither a religion nor a country/continent/domain, its a way of approaching our existince and way of thinking, it does not have any followers, members or beleivers, its our true identity in current realm which is this planet earth. You don't have to join any group or community or do certain things to be an earthite. Earthite is just one way of defining it you can formulate your own definition and name.

    Similar thought processes already exist in different forms. According to us the purpose of being an earthite is to make the best of what we have, in terms of resources, our beleifs and our unique identities and all other aspects.

    Lets say world is divided by religion, countries, races to name a few, how do we create harmony and coherence between all these segments of our existence which often are rivals and enemies of each other.

    A Human being is a super organism constituting of though patterns associated with a lot of conflicting ideologies, this creates a lot of incoherence in our thinkging and brain pattern, leading to unnecessary unrest and stress. Just the mere idea of understanding that you are an earth dweller will create a cement between all the polarized thought processes you have and provide meaning to your existence.

    It elevates you above and beyond, your unique identity which constitues your name, country, religion and race (to name a few).

    We often talk about motherland meaning your birth place, let me ask you a question were you not born on earth when you were born at a specific place or within a specific community. Our true birth place is earth not a specific country place or community. If we think of earth as an entity it does not know of any artificial lines or segmentations created on it.

    When we say e.g. our country has unity within diversity, same holds true for all of us living creatures on earth, either we beleive it or not a universal unwritten truth is that we are all earthites (earth dwellers) and the basic condition of all of us is same.